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Healthy Choice Enterprise,Inc. (HCE), is a professional Non-profit - 501(c)(3) Organization formed to provide

Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Education Programs and Events to the community. Our programs include a  Weekly and Monthly Dance Exercise Classes, The Ask Nurse Z Newsletter, and Our Annual Fundraiser Dinner Dance Gala and Award Ceremony known as The Memorial Weekend Extravaganza. Like us an follow us on Facebook under Healthy Choice Enterprise.

Our programs address some of the underlying causes of community issues related to health apathy, and unhealthy lifestyle skills by focusing on Healthy Eating, Stress Management, Positive Social Interaction, and Physical Activity in the form of dancing. We teach and promote Urban Ballroom/Chicago Steppin, Urban Line Dance, Shuffle and a few other dances. People love music and dance, and HCE has developed fun and exciting ways for adults and children to reach their health and fitness goals.

Take a look at the comprehensive programs and services by Healthy Choice Enterprise, Inc. for the Community and Businesses to further their goals of getting people Healthier and Happier.

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Since February 2008, HCE has promoted many successful events and demonstrations to groups and businesses, in Las Vegas and across the U.S. including health fairs and seminars, nutrition presentations, dance classes and dinner dance galas including our annual fundraiser, the Memorial Weekend Jams.


Check out our pages. Our website is chocked full of the Great HCE activities that make us a unique brand and showcases activities that people attend again and again! Don't miss our content under "More". There's lots going on there!

Join us at our exciting events. It's all about health, wellness, fitness and positive social interaction.


We're So Excited!......The Memorial Weekend Jam

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Learn Chicago Style Steppin with Us!


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 When you donate, your funds help educate and redirect our community members towards healthier lifestyles. It is through the generosity of the community looking out for it's own that we survive together. Fundraising is a central part of all charitable organizations.

Check out the HCE Support page for details on contributing which empowers our community.


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You can donate to HCE through Pay Pal.

Your contributions support free health education programs & services offered to the community, and we thank you.